Friday, July 18, 2014

Post Racial Bigotry

Lately, President Obama and Attorney General Holder have stated that there are people out there that disagree with the President's policies because of his color. They are absolutely correct. There will always be a hard kernel of bigotry in the world. After all, the KKK still exists and has been publicly recruiting in the south.

Where they are disingenuous is in blaming the failure of the Obama administration on this hatred. Obama won election to the Presidency twice. As I recall he was black back then too. You can't have it both ways. Far and away the majority of Americans are not bigots. The President and the AG know this. Neither man will ever accept responsibility.

Obama has failed on the economy. He has failed in foreign relations. His signature health care program is falling apart. Meanwhile Mr. Holder runs the Justice Department like a political hit squad. It is an administration that is malfunctioning to an incredible degree.

In other words, people have turned on them because they have failed. Not only have they failed, they have failed arrogantly. Their constant self praise reeks of ego without substance. At no time has the old saw been more true, "if they could only see themselves as others see them".

President Obama promised to be a post racial President. What he has turned out to be is a super-bigotry enabler. He has turned us into a nation of enemies. Whites vs. Blacks. Men vs. women. Gays vs. straights. Young vs. old. Rich vs. poor. He is playing the American people like puppets. He makes it sound like his agenda is about equalizing results. It is not. It is about political power.

Obama's agenda is to keep the fires of animus burning. He wants to convince a majority of the people that he and his political party are the supporters of the downtrodden masses. The very people whom he is very happy to leave as downtrodden masses. This is all about votes and control.

You see, the Democrats and their share of the independents about equal the Republicans and their share of the independents. So the is a gap, in an election, is usually about five to eight percent. That small group can sway the outcome of any election. Unfortunately, this group is , in most cases, the least informed of the electorate. They are Obama's target group. Beyond using them to keep power for the Democrats, he does not care.

But due to a lack of experience, an inability to accept advice, and an unwillingness to collaborate with Republicans, he has blown the mission by over reaching. The big problem is that he has endangered our country and our economy. In my opinion, history will judge him harshly.

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