Monday, July 14, 2014

I'm Bullish On America

In my humble opinion, the United States of America is, far and away, the greatest country that has ever existed on this or any other planet. I will always feel that way. I have little patience with American citizens who live here and have a low opinion of my country. They have no chains on them. They can leave.

We are a country made up of men and women. People are imperfect. There are times when their imperfection affects the country as a whole. This has never been more true than it is right now. The people that we have entrusted to lead our country have a litany of imperfections to a degree that I would never have thought possible. 

Power hungry avarice and fecklessness, shortsightedness and plain stupidity, egotism and megalomania, all are on display for the world to see. And trust me on this, no one political party holds the patent on governmental failure and inadequacy of leadership. Their incompetence and greed has brought the country low.

Lest I start sounding encouraging prematurely, I do not believe the pain is over yet. But America has seen pain before. The great depression started in 1929. The country was just coming out of that when we were thrown into WWII. Those were not easy times. In fact for many people they were far worse than we face today. But I think it will get much worse before it begins to get better. I have no crystal ball but I cannot see how we can avoid a huge readjustment in the stock market when the Fed ends Quantitative Easing. But end it they must or the dollar will be worth nothing.

So having said all that, I am still bullish on America. Our leaders have gone off in the wrong direction. We need to get back to smaller government and restore free market capitalism. We need to lower taxes and encourage entrepreneurship. We need to control our borders and control the violence in our cities. We need to be energy independent. We have to go back to our Constitution. We need to believe in our Bill of Rights. 

As soon as we get leadership that follows that map and is open in doing so, this country will start to turn around. And I believe the turn around will come so fast that people will be astonished. America is strong, innovative, and hard working. As a nation we can do whatever we decide to do. That is the way this country has always been. That is why I am bullish on America.

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