Monday, July 7, 2014

The Mini-Me Found

This may be a little speculative at this point. But, hey, I am not above doing some speculation. It has been often reported that there is little love between the Clintons and the Obamas. It has even been said that there is a level of animosity. So I think it is safe to say that the idea of Hillary succeeding him, does not fill Barack with great joy.

Barack, being the controlling type, I am sure felt a strong desire to prevent that happening. With Hillary being so deeply buried in baggage, it probably couldn't have happened anyway. But, as I stated, Barack is the controlling type. He, undoubtedly, feels that he has the right to pick his successor. I doubt that he would deign to pick anyone of the female persuasion. So Elizabeth Warren wouldn't be someone he would turn to. Joe Biden? Forget about it. I have even see Al Gore's name bandied about. That is just too weird.

So how would Barack go about picking a royal successor. Due to his crushingly oblivious ego, and in spite of the various poles, Obama actually believes that he has been a great President. His problem is that, through all this time, he has been afflicted, as Elmer Fudd would say, by those "wascally Wepublicans". Notice how his speeches lately have turned into major league pity parties. 

So Barack would, hearkening back to his own career, look for a young male with an Ivy League education. Preferably Harvard. Someone with a strong ethnic identity would be nice. Limited experience is OK. But, maybe a little more experience than a community organizer. He should be slim and dress well. Generally make a good appearance. But finally, and above all, this person must be truly dedicated to the liberal agenda, no matter the personal cost. Not money, silly, reputation.

So there you have it folks, Barack has gone forth seeking his own personal mini-me. Is there anyone out there with those qualifications to be found. You betcha! How about a young Hispanic mayor. Forty years old. Educated at Stanford and Harvard Law School. Not drop dead handsome but makes a good appearance. Dresses well. We'll see, about the liberal part.

So he has been a mayor. That should be enough experience to run the country. Look how even less experience worked out for Obama. But he needs Washington exposure. A nomination to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development should take care of that. Just get him into town where Obama can devote himself to grooming and teaching his selected one to walk in Obama's image.

As I observe the passing scene, it appears to me that Obama may have selected Julian Castro as his heir apparent. Now, I'm not one to try to give advice. (My kids would deny the truth of that statement.) But I suggest to Mr. Castro, that he observe very closely, what happens to a moth as it gets close to a flame.

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