Thursday, July 24, 2014

Let's Just Invade Mexico

OK, so you might think that invading Mexico is a little extreme. But there is so much supporting such an idea. You constantly hear the foreign press referring to the United States as the American Empire, even though we are not an empire, so we can just be what we are already called. No foul there.

Under the Putin Doctrine, it is acceptable to forcibly annex another country under certain provisions. The first provision is that you have way more firepower than they have. We certainly qualify there. The second provision is that you feel the people in your target country would rather be part of your country. Judging by the flow of Mexicans crossing our southern border, I think that is a given.

Now Mexico is a really nice country with really crappy management. I hate to be crude, but that is the best word to describe Mexican politics. Those with the most money and the most guns run the country. It appears that anyone from the local dog catcher on up to the Federales have a price tag on their sleeve. 

Beyond all this, Mexico has already committed acts of war against the United States. They took a United States Marine who happened to make a wrong turn and threw him in jail where he still languishes. Mexicans do that all the time and we just send them back. But they can't seem to prevent buses full of kids crossing the length of their own country.

Armed Mexican military frequently cross into the United States. Sometimes on foot. Sometimes by helicopter. We do nothing. They have even fired their weapons across the border. And still we do nothing.

Lately they have kicked it up a notch. A very big notch. They have been shooting .50 caliber bullets across the border. For those that are not firearms literate, a 50 is a military cartridge with a 1/2 inch diameter bullet that weighs over an ounce. They are commonly used in machine guns and have a range over a mile. There are now sniper rifles that shoot this cartridge, like the Barrett. So there is justification and precedent.  

Mexico would make a nice addition as an American territory. It has great vacation spots, lots of natural resources to exploit, a super manufacturing base that used to be ours anyway. It just seems like the thing to do. We have a President with a pen and a phone. Maybe he should use that pen to put this on his list of things to do. Then he can use his phone to check with Valarie and Michelle to see if it is OK.

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