Friday, July 25, 2014

Is Helium The Solution?

I am not writing here about party balloon helium. The only thing that will solve, for most of us, is how to entertain kids at a party. I am writing about helium 3. I suspect many of you have never heard of it. Shame on the press once again. They don't keep you informed.

I am afraid we must touch on the edges of science here, so a hyper-caffeinated drink may be required by some. To generate heat and light, the sun uses hydrogen in nuclear fusion. This occurs in the sun's core. The reaction produces helium in a couple of isotopes. One of which is helium 3.

Helium 3 may be able to be used in cold fusion as a clean and plentiful source of electric power. It would be efficient, clean, cheap, and non-radioactive. Research seems to indicate positive result can be forthcoming.

This of course means all of the money spent on wind farms and solar fields is wasted. Well, not completely wasted. It filled the pockets of some political cronies, and got some really nice donations to the politicians.

There is one problem. The best nearby source for helium 3 is the moon. Helium 3 burns up when it hits earths atmosphere. Since the moon has no atmosphere it collects there. The Chinese have openly expressed a plan to go to the moon to mine he3. Since there seems to be a wide, if quiet, interest in moving forward, I assume the US also has plans. At least I hope so.

We are sitting on enough fossil fuels to keep us energy independent for a century or more. It simply does not make any sense to waste more time and money on stopgap power generation that we don't really need and eventually become a blight on the landscape. This is just another liberal feelgood project that will come to a bad end.

The United States is in a bad place right now. We didn't expect to be here, we were dragged here by an out-of-control ideology that will not face real facts. To them, intentions equal reality and as they never see the unexpected results of their intentions They never understand the error of their ways. Just remember, energy is a technological problem, and we are very good at technology.

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