Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Random Thoughts - Forty-One

When I did my first Random Thoughts, I never expected there to be more than forty. But readers seem to like them, and I enjoy writing them. So here we go again...

I have to chuckle at this sudden "Elizabeth Warren for President" movement. We have a far left liberal, one term US Senator, with a law degree and an affiliation with Harvard Law school, with no real world experience, who lied about her personal background to advance her career. A President with that resume is not working too well for us now. Why does anybody think that repeating that mistake is a good idea?

Maybe, just maybe, I gave up on my Red Sox too soon. 

When Bill Clinton ran for President, his claim was, that with Hillary, we would get "two for the price of one". It seems, now, that if Hillary runs for President, we get a triumvirate. The Clinton family seems to have morphed into "Clinton, Inc.". We now have Chelsea in the mix. Remember, if you have three dogs pulling the sled, the view is pretty much the same unless you are the lead dog.

I really doubt that Hillary will run. She is sixty-seven years old now. I know from personal experience, the energy level at that age isn't what it was. And it takes a lot of energy to run for high office. She comes off shrill from time to time and she has enough baggage for a safari. Giving up her job as Senator was a foolish move seeing as how it put her under the control of her worst enemy. No one can doubt her time as Secretary of State damaged her reputation. She can spend her years giving  speeches and writing. She could still be in the public eye without accumulating more bruises.

I tried to give Elijah Cummings the benefit of the doubt. I was wrong to do so. The misuse of the IRS to go after perceived political enemies is criminal. Nixon tried to do it and his IRS chief rightfully refused to acquiesce. I am certain that an occasional audit suggested by a President has occurred on occasion. I cannot believe that there has ever been anything like the wholesale use of the IRS to stifle opposition, as the Obama administration has done. Elijah Cummings, as the top Democrat on the Oversight Committee, is doing his best to use his position to cover up for this political wrongdoing. He is doing this to protect himself as well as his President. It has come out that he also personally contacted the IRS and made his own suggestions to target a conservative group.

Isn't it strange. Vladimir Putin acts like a thug in a good suit. He does what he wants. He asks no permission. He makes no apology. If it is to the benefit of him or his country he just goes ahead and does it. And the world holds him in awe. Kind of makes you wonder doesn't it?

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