Thursday, July 10, 2014

Hail Hail The Gangs All Here

I have never used the word debacle as much in my life as I have the past year. What in God's name is going on. The country jumps from one mess to another without so much as breathing time between episodes. While the President goes on acting as if everything is a political problem, we are treating shipments of children worse than we would be allowed to treat a shipment of cattle. Prisons have higher standards for inmate care than the administration is allowing for these kids. But still more keep coming across the border.

The pictures on TV are just abhorrent. But the stories are much worse. These kids are afflicted with lice and scabies. Some of them are actively tubercular.  There are not the facilities or staff to deal with these problems. Toilets, showers, and clean clothing are scarce. The children are piled into buses and airplanes to be transported all over the country and dumped on unsuspecting communities, leaving behind, on those buses and airplanes, the means of spreading the pestilence that they have brought with them. I will be very surprised if there is not a measurable increase of these problems in the general population in the near future.

These children range in age from four year old to late teens. It has been shown that some of the older teenagers are already gang members. Many of them are members of the gang "MS13". While having originated in Los Angeles, MS13 is Latin American in background and has become international in scope. The members are very dangerous and prone to extreme violence. 

You can bet the farm that these gang members are recruiting among the younger kids. They like to have the young ones around to carry their drugs and weapons. If arrested, the young ones are treated less harshly and the senior members stay out of jail.

You can also be sure that sub-human predators are prowling around the fringes looking for young boys or girls to put on the street or even sell to human traffickers. Evil flocks to situations like this where plunder is available and pretty much unprotected. 

President Obama gave the people in South and Central America the impression, through his grand speeches, that if their children got to the United States, they would be allowed to stay and the government would see to their care. Whether this was intentional or not, I do not know. But with the wide open southern borders, a human tragedy was inevitable. We now have a tiger by the tail with a President that finds out about problems in the news and never has a solution except to move on to the next crisis. 

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