Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Random Thoughts - Forty

My Red Sox have done it to me one more time. I do not think that I am premature when I say, once again, with a tear in my eye, "Wait till next year".

Did you see the picture of those "children" Obama is importing from Central America? The picture with a bunch of young men, shirtless, showing off their gang tattoos with a group of younger kids behind them flashing MS13 gang signs. They will soon be in cities around the country making those cities even more like third world countries. Thank you Barack.

The EPA is out of control. If you wash your car in your own driveway and some soapy water washes down into a culvert that runs in front of your house you are a polluter. If someone complains, and there's always someone willing to do that, the EPA can declare you guilty and fine you without due process. They can then garnish your wages. And these people are not shy about going after the average citizen.

Obama won't close the borders because he hates our borders. He considers himself a global President and cannot understand why we want to preserve our great country the way it has been, as a Constitutional Republic. He considers the Constitution a handicap to his progressive, world wide, agenda. And thank God it is.

There has to be some way to get Lois Lerner into jail. That is where she deserves to be. We have a corrupt Justice Department that is so politicized they are irrelevant except for the criminal actions in the political arena that they refuse to see. Integrity in government has been completely lost. 

Two and a half years into Benghazi and still waiting. Three weeks into the VA and the veterans are still waiting for health care. A year into IRS and still waiting. Four years into Fast and Furious and still waiting. But there is never any waiting for a Presidential vacation. Forty-four million dollars worth and still counting. Just a few reminders.

I read where Al Gore was interviewed by the BBC in Australia. He went on another rant about global warming. I have some advice for Mr. Gore. Cool it.

The big song hit for this summer should be "Martha's Vineyard, Here We Come". Great to see the President taking some time off from fund raising.

In a Gallup poll, Muslims showed huge support for Barack Obama. Is this because Obama shows little support for Israel? Or is it because he continues to fund the Palestinian Authority and Hamas? 

Yes. Yes, I'm ready for some football. (American football, not that other stuff.) 

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