Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Let's Try Something New

Please, no innuendo in the title. I am a person that prefers beauty to ugliness. I prefer freedom over the constraints of a government out of control. I prefer conversations over arguments. For the past two plus years my blog has been primarily devoted to fighting against bad government. That will continue as long as I can sit and type.

Over the years, photography has been a love of mine. I love shooting, be it with a pistol or a camera. I have accumulated some photographs that, I have been told, are worth seeing. A great many are flowers. Some are scenics. Some are transposed. All have been "shopped" to achieve the result that I want. 

I'll try to restrain myself to one a week. But these will be in addition to my blog not in place of. If any picture catches your eye, feel free to copy and print. They should be clear up to 12x 14. Perhaps even larger. I would appreciate it if on the back of your print you would just credit RLOwen.

If you like them please comment to that effect. If you hate the idea, let me know and enough dislike it, it will go away, subject to majority vote. So here we go.

An Orchid for my readers.

After this they will be added into my regular blog.

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