Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wood Chopping Is A Knockout

The wood chopping in the title refers to peckerwoods. For those that aren't aware, that is a slang expression used by some in the black community to refer to whites. It is as crude as a white person using the "N" word. And, of course, if a white person were to use that epithet, they would be screamed at as a bigot. Rightfully so. Another term that is an equivalent to peckerwood is polar bear. They go polar bear hunting.

The object of their little game is to roam around in packs looking for a white or oriental that is alone, preferably old, crippled is even better. Then one of this group of malignant thugs, sneaks up behind this person and hits them in the head as hard as they can. All the while, the others take a video to post on line later to celebrate and show what great manly men they are. The point is to try to knock out this victim with one punch. If the person dies that gives even greater bragging rights.

Up until yesterday this practice has been only rarely written about in the newspapers or reported on TV. The black - white aspect of this little game was never mentioned in anything that I saw or heard. But, come to find out, this is reaching epidemic proportions. Once again, the main stream media has reneged on their duty to the public rather than be politically incorrect.

There have been a couple of occasions where the tables have been turned on these sparkling examples of young manhood. The bodies left on the ground ended up being the attackers not the intended victims. While these boy's families moan, cry, and complain that these were really wonderful boys just playing a little joke, I say, hooray, they got what they earned.

But where is the black race baiting leadership? Where is Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton? They could actually show some leadership in their communities right now. I suspect they will be conspicuous by their absence on this issue. It bites in the wrong direction for them. For that matter where is the President of the United States and his Attorney General? 

This must be stopped. The police must go after these evil little thugs and charge the with attempted murder. No assault charges or anything less than attempted murder because that is, in fact, their ultimate high.

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  1. Couldn't agree more, and the more of these little thugs who end up in the morgue because of their stupid little games, the better off we'll all be.