Saturday, November 16, 2013

Random Thoughts - Twenty-Nine

When, where, and how did Bill Clinton get to be the moral authority of the Democrat party? I mean he was impeached for lying.

And Elizabeth Warren is going up against Hillary? Didn't she claim that she was a native American to get a leg up on a job at Harvard?

Has anybody heard from John Boehner lately? Did he retire or something?

It is Friday November fifteenth and I just got a letter from my health insurance carrier that my cardiologist has been dropped. I have been with him for years. He is beyond competent. And I do no want to change. But apparently Obamascare decided that they were better equipped to pick my cardiologist than I was. So I called my insurance company and explained to them the no one less than the President of the United States assured me that " if I liked my doctor, I could keep my doctor". They checked and found that they were reversing their decision and keeping the program as is. They told me that they would let me keep my doctor. Whooee, ain't it fun when us real Americans put them political fools in Washington on the run. 

Dear God in heaven, the real honest people of these United States have got to rein in the idiots that we have allowed to screw up our country because we were to lazy or preoccupied to keep control. 

If the press isn't biased, why did Bush get such a beating over Katrina, but Obama gets a free pass on Sandy?

Did you hear the newest part of Obamascare that has come out? In the law the President is allowed to militarize medical care for the nation in an emergency. It will be under the control of the commissioned and non-commissioned officers of his civil military organization. Now that is chilling.

That loud splashing noise that you hear in the background is all the Democrats jumping ship. Sink or swim, folks. It looks like the ship hit an ice berg. 

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