Friday, November 8, 2013

Jobs and Health Care

What is the same about jobs and health care? People that had them, when Obama came into office, don't have them now. I read this morning that last month 204,000 jobs were created in the economy. That is more than were projected. But the unemployment rate remains at 7.3 %. It keeps ticking back and forth between 7.2 % and 7.3%. How is this possible, you ask, that with all those jobs created there is no decrease in the unemployment rate? Because 720,000 Americans left the work force. True, some of these people just gave up trying to find work. Many just ran out of unemployment benefits. As soon as they are no longer collecting unemployment, they no longer exist to the government. That is the only reason that the unemployment figures aren't around 14 %. Now think back to that historical time when our President took office. He promised that he would not rest until he brought good jobs back to the American people. And we all know how much his promises mean to him.

So here we are five years later, and there are fewer Americans employed than when Jimmy Carter was in office. Now, I have seen the President working night and day, every single day of his administration making speeches, golfing, flying around on Air Force One, vacationing, denying responsibility for any of the problems that he helped create. The one thing that I haven't seen him do is anything that will bring back honest jobs. He has, however, managed to turn many of the jobs that were left from full time into part time. Way to go, Mr. Obama! David's Bridal just cut 2,500 jobs back to thirty hours from forty hours. Promises, promises, promises.

After years of unequivocal promises from Mr. Obama, people are losing there health care. Then he has the gall to stand in front of us and say that he did not say those words that we all heard come out of his mouth. Does he think we are stupid? He must. The worst part is that this wasn't necessary. It is nothing but a bold faced governmental power grab. Ninety percent of the population had health care insurance that they were comfortable with. They had no problem. They neither wanted nor needed the government to start their meddling. The last ten percent, about thirty-million people were uninsured. Many didn't want to be. Many couldn't afford it. For about one quarter of what they have already spent on Obamacare, they could have started an insurance pool for the indigent and just picked up their medical bills. But for the glory of one man's ego they have trashed a whole health insurance system and replaced it with a Frankenstein monster that they have placed in the hands of amateurs. 

This system will never work right if it works at all. It gives the government too much power, too much control, and too much personal information. This debacle has taken Americans from being free citizens into being subjects of whoever rules. That was Obama's promise to himself. 

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