Monday, November 11, 2013

Save Health Care Now

Health care does not need to be saved. It is all still there. The hospitals, the clinics, most of the doctors are still providing health care. Even the doctors that have left would be willing to come back in most cases. The most structural damage has been done to the insurance carriers. Except for those selected as winners by the Obama administration the industry is in a shambles. 

The people that run insurance companies know their field and know their products. If a new product is required they can put one together in reasonable time too satisfy a market. The problem in the past has been the inability to sell healthcare insurance across state lines. So if the government could acquire the good sense to realize that they have created an unsustainable monster that the public hates and shut it down right now, then open up the market nationally to insurance providers we all might be saved. 

The government will not do this. More directly, Barack Obama will not allow this to be done. He has convinced himself that this is going to leave him in a light of glory. It will not. Medical care will deteriorate. Good medical care will be available to fewer people than before this mess started. People will die. People will be denied treatment by allocation committees. 

Medical progress will stultify because government controlled health care will not reward innovation. It is competition to get the new and the better that drove improvements in health care. They have deleted that competition from the market place.

There will be fewer doctors. The cost of a medical education is enormous. If those that wish to be doctors do not see a financial reward to their efforts they will seek other professions. And who can blame them.  They would be buried in masses of paperwork with their fees controlled by those that require this paperwork.

Politicians do not have a great record for managing things well. Look at all the scandals that are thrown at us week after week. Can we accept that suddenly they will be the great administrators of health care. I think not. So while it is not too late, save health care now.

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