Monday, November 25, 2013

I'm Going Where I've Never Gone Before

I never talk about products. Good or bad. If I did someone would think that I was bought and paid for. But I have to. I'm in love. I hate to admit it but I'm in love with Google. OK, as a company, they are not perfect. They have made mistakes. Who hasn't? I'm past that.

This love affair started innocently enough. When I needed information, I'd "google" it. I always got what I needed. It fulfilled my every request. Others came along, like Bing, and tried to get my loyalty. But I was into a successful relationship. I needed no other.

Then I started having serious problems with my Windows based computer. My service provider has a support service. I called them. They were excellent. After two hours on the phone, we almost had things straightened out. The tech I was working with had to leave. He said he would call me in the morning to finish up.

After he rang off, I started wondering if I might have a problem with my browsing software. I had Google Chrome installed on my machine. I shut down my old browser and booted up Chrome. The rest of my problems went away immediately. I loved Chrome. Our relationship had suddenly moved to a new level.

We had formed a stable long term relationship, Google and I. With my blog on Google Blogspot and with Chrome as my browser, there was daily interaction that satisfied my every need. It could have gone on this way forever, but my computer was getting older and I was having problems with malware and registration errors. I felt a need to prepare for the future.

I started seeing adds on TV for something called a Chromebook. They billed it as the future of computing. Your work is shared in the "cloud". It could never be lost. You could buy a brand new machine for less than three hundred dollars. That sounded wonderful.

I started doing due diligence. I went to my favorite etailer and read the specs. No hard drive to crash. Since you operate in the cloud memory is not an issue. Almost all of the software is free. All the basic stuff is preloaded. Google deals with viruses, malware, and all that other ugly stuff. It sounded almost to good to be true.

I discussed this with my daughters and their husbands. Three of the six are computer professionals and they're all computer competent. They were skeptical and made me present a solid case. 

Well, last week, I went to a birthday party. It happened to be mine. Lo and behold, my loving family gave me a Chromebook. We fired it up. Put in my Google password. Connected it to wi-fi. It immediately had all my links, all my favorite websites, all my Cranky Conservative blog, everything I needed. It was amazing.

I have been using it now for a few days and had to fire up my old machine to look at some old files. My Chromebook feels like a sports car as compared with my old machine that feels like a burned out old truck. I never thought I would say this publicly, but I love you Google.

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