Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Five Points, One For Each Finger

I no longer have any skin in the Republican game. That allows me to see clearly, what they should do, and to offer advice ad nauseum.  This is a task that I accept with great joy because they seriously need a good talking to. Since I am still a conservative, but no longer part of the Republican party, the Republicans come closest to representing my frame of mind.

To make anything work for the next election the Republicans must first stop bickering among themselves . Look at the Democrats. Most of them can barely stand to be around their cohorts. Some of them are so onerous that they can barely stand themselves. But, come election time, they all sing from the same hymnal in perfect harmony. So, come on Republicans, suck it up and do what must be done.

So as you are assembling this hymnal, keep it to five and only five songs. When you are asked a question by a reporter sing one of those songs. Sing it loud. Sing it clear. Sing it often.

What shall I do, you ask, if some reporter asks me a question off topic? I answer, did you not take "politician 101". When you are asked a question that you don't want to answer, answer the question that you want to answer. Reporters are aware of this ploy. They see it every day. They expect it. That is how all the Democrats keep to the same talking points.

So, what points should the Republican party hammer? Remember, five, just five.

1. Obamacare: It is a mess now and will continue to be a mess for some time. Certainly long enough to effect the 2014 election. They don't have the political courage to admit that they have bought a sick horse that will never carry the weight. It is obvious that it is time to get rid of it and start over. They won't. They will continue to try and cure a terminal animal. The Republicans need to tout long and loud an optional plan using the free economy that makes sense. 

2. The economy and jobs: I have joined the two because if you cure the economy, jobs will come back. Because the economy has been hit so hard for so long the emphasis must be on the Democratic failure. Especially the terrible job they did during the first four years when they owned the whole government. Turning the economy around now will be difficult and painful. But it must the Republicans must start the process or the country is in real danger.

3. The use of the IRS and the Census Bureau for political advantage: The use of government agencies to target those that are perceived as political enemies is both illegal and morally wrong. It has been done before but never on the scale that the Obama administration has achieved. Controlling the Census Bureau out of the White House to finagle the jobless figures coming into an election is equally illegal and reprehensible. These points need to be attacked viciously.

4. Benghazi: The Obama administration abandoned good men to die in one of the world's hell holes. They lied about the circumstances. When they were caught in the lie, they covered up. Little by little we are getting the story, but there are things still deeply hidden.

5. The contempt for the poor and middle class: In the past five years, the rich have gotten richer. Much richer. The rest of us have seen jobs disappear. We have seen salaries dwindle. Many have seen their full time jobs go to part time. Are most Americans better off now than they were five years ago? Not just no. Hell no.

The Republicans face an opportunity that they didn't expect to have. Can they exploit that opportunity with teamwork and intelligence? Or will they go back to snatching defeat from the jaws of victory?

On a personal note, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. The three Fs make it so. That is food, family, and football. Since there are so many people traveling over the extra long weekend, unless something drastic happens, I will take a few days off from my blog. I'll be back Sunday or Monday. In the meantime travel safe, cook good, and enjoy the holiday. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, everyone.

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  1. I'm beginning to believe that the Republicans (at least the leadership) really do not want to win at the national level. Maybe they are satisfied with forever being the opposition party. That still gives them most of the individual perks they all crave but not as much responsibility.