Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Lessons Learned In Childhood

When I was very young, I was taught that people make mistakes. None of us is perfect. It may be because of carelessness or a lack of experience. That does not matter. It is still a mistake. We are taught to man up. Take responsibility and corrective action. Then move on. Most mistakes can be fixed. All can be forgiven. I have learned that people respect a man that will stand up and admit his imperfections.

I am sure that you can see where this is heading. For five long years now, we have been exposed to only the second perfect person that has ever lived. In a five year stretch filled with errors, miscalculations, and every kind of obfuscation that can be used to describe a mistake, they have flowed like water around a boulder but never getting Mr. Obama wet.

It must be a wonderful thing to have so many people around you that you can shed the blame on. Of course they are only little people. They don't really matter in the greater scheme of things. And there is always some minion right there with a towel should there be any splash that dampened the anointed ones shoes.

So we have had five years of scandal, mismanagement, bad planning, and high level political rock throwing. We all acknowledge that Obama is blessed with a compliant press corp that will only report things as seen through the President's eyes. So play it down, cover it up, and wait for the new headlines that will arrive in a few days to further distract tired Americans who are just trying to survive, as their lives and their country are going down the tube in service of political expediency.

As people are struggling harder in their daily existence, the Executive Branch takes more and more power unto itself. Through a combination of Presidential Order, over reaching regulation, and willfully ignoring the limitations of the Constitution President Obama has taken us from a royal presidency to a sovereign presidency. Unfortunately we have a congress that is either unwilling or unable to place appropriate limits on presidential activity as the Constitution obliges them.

It appears that we have a President that is like a child who is never told no. Enough is enough. When you are never told what your limits are, you have none. For most of us these are simply lessons learned in childhood.

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