Tuesday, November 19, 2013


I am a little less cranky today. My family gave me a shiny new Chromebook for my birthday. I have it up and running and I  love it. It is quick. I don't have to worry about viruses. So goodbye Windows. The transition will take a little time, so if it seems that I am a tad slow with new articles from time to time, bear with me. All will be well.

I used the title changes for this blog not only because I am changing platforms but also because we need some serious changes in our country. The government is out of control and has no respect for the country, the military, or even the American electorate. They duped the public to get into office and have been playing us for fools ever since.

The first thing that went out the window was respect for the law. Right from the beginning with "Fast and Furious", their gun running scheme into Mexico the law had no relevance in their plans. Coming up on the 2012 election they ordered the census bureau to fudge the figures on unemployment. They lied so Obama could win. They out and out lied. They have lied continuously about Obamascare. They knew that people would lose their health insurance. The knew that prices and deductibles would go up. And they knew the website was a mess. They did it through the dint of their over sized egos. And they thought we were so stupid and out of touch we wouldn't notice. We noticed. Check your poll figures Mr. Obama.

Then the, so called, "professor of Constitutional law" started ignoring the Constitution. Now just to back up for one point. My understanding is that he was an adjunct instructor, never a full professor. But the Constitution says that the President will faithfully exercise the laws of the land. Not Mr. Obama. He picks and chooses. It is his right since he is "the smartest President ever". He is a legend in the mind of his kool aid drinking cohorts. But the best part is when he takes the Obamascare law that was his pinnacle achievement and starts ripping that apart selecting the bits and pieces he wants. Giving exemptions to the connected. It just gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.

But the thing that endears him to my heart and the hearts of all right thinking Americans, (yes, the pun was intended) is that the man has never made a mistake. All those that came before him, all those around him, bear the burden of human failing. But like a God in the glow of a golden light, walks as the perfect one. In fact, if buses had never been invented, he would have had to invent them as something to throw people under. And that is why we need changes.   

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