Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Be Prepared

No, this is not about the Boy Scouts. It is about politics. It is about yesterday's election. And it is about some things that I am still trying to figure out. Maybe a few observations would help me to put my thoughts in order. They are a little jumbled right now. The Democrats are better politicians than the Republicans. They are better prepared and better organized. They seem to have an organizational chart and a plan of the day, every day. They have daily talking points that are strictly adhered to by everyone that comes before a camera or microphone. And I do mean everyone. Sometimes they even use the same wording.

Where I get confused is, who writes the talking points? Who is in charge of the organizational chart? Where do the daily orders come from? The people that go before the cameras are not the authors. Most of them are not smart enough. They have too much public exposure. They are too busy, their time is not their own. So this, to me, is something to ponder. Although I am pretty sure all of this goes through the DNC, I doubt that it starts there. I'm betting on a highly controlled "think tank" that is very well funded and highly motivated.

Terry McAuliffe will be the new governor of Virginia. He entered this election with a lot of baggage. So much so, that I was surprised when he announced his candidacy. If he were a Republican, the press and the Democrat establishment would have shredded him. As it was, it turned out to be a very narrow win for him. In fact, if there hadn't been a third candidate in the race McAuliffe would, most likely, have lost. It is now being said, that the third candidate was heavily financed by the Democrat organization. Sneaky? Yes. Expensive? Yes. Effective? Very. They won with a damaged candidate.

An article that appeared this morning praised Hillary Clinton as brilliant for leaving the Obama administration when she did. It gave her the separation from Obamacare that she needs to complete a successful run for President. Personally, I think that she made a mistake taking the Secretary of State job at all. She was doing well as Senator. Now she has a record as a poor Secretary of State and Benghazi hanging over her. I think that the McAuliffe run for governor was to support Hillary's run for President. He is a creature of the Clinton administration. While you would have expected Bill and Hill running to Virginia to be involved in McAuliffe's campaign, Barack Obama also showed up to show his support. That is a little bit surprising when you think about the tension in those two camps. This speaks to me of another entity directing traffic, thinking only about the party.

So the games begin. The Dems are building up their preparations by the hour. The Republicans will be squabbling right down to, and possibly through, the National Convention. Then they will split into factions. Each one angry that they are not the anointed. They will attack each other rather than unify for the good of the party and allow the Democrats to do even more harm. If that is conceivable. As I see it now, there is only one thing out there that could make a huge change in everyone's perspective. There is a great financial bomb out there that the Democrats have created. If that blows up before the next election, everything changes. And for that we should all be prepared. 

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