Thursday, November 21, 2013

Eighty Is Still Eighty

I read recently, that eighty is the new sixty. Don't you believe it. Your overweaning and totally manipulative government is redefining all the terms that we have been accustomed to living with. Full disclosure, I just turned seventy-five. So I have lived well into old age. I will tell you sixty is a lot better than seventy-five, never mind eighty. 

OK, so the government does not want to pay out Social Security to people in their sixties. The reason is that they have been raiding the Social Security Trust Fund for fifty years. In other words, they have been robbing you blind for fifty years. If they actually had a Social Security lock box, there would be plenty of money in the fund to pay all obligations and then some.

However, put money and politicians in the same room and the money will disappear. They care not a whit about you. They all have far more important uses for your money. If you feel that you can't believe me, just ask them what really important projects they are supporting right now. There will be no mention of your social security.

So they are spreading the word that eighty is the new sixty. Consider them the Johnny Appleseed of aches and pains. This is intended to keep you working until you croak out and never collect a penny.

There are so many problems there. Since most politicians never do a day's hard labor, (work to politicians is sitting in a comfy chair and talking), they have no clue what older Americans do to continue working.

If you had any kind of corporate middle management job, they started easing you out in your fifties. If you had a job of physical labor, your body probably gave up long before sixty. So if you are going to work into your seventies it will probably be "paper or plastic, maam?", or "can I king size that for you?" Really, would you like to see your mom or dad in that position?

Politicians don't care. They care about personal power and wealth. They will sacrifice you on the altar of big government, smile, and tell you they are making life better for millions. And I have a bridge in Brooklyn that I would like to sell you.

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