Sunday, November 10, 2013

God Help the Phillipines

The Philippines have been devastated. It is a terrible tragedy. They need help from every source. But every source that I see has kind words but no action except the United States military. Almost immediately they had planes on the ground with supplies and people to help. The Pope offered prayers. Did he offer money, supplies, people? Where is the new "most powerful man in the world", Vladimir Putin? What has he contributed?  Where is France? Where are any of the Muslim countries that claim alms are a pillar of their religion? Where is any world power except the United States?

It is easy to disrespect us. We are an easy people. We are inclined to go along to get along. But underestimate us at your own risk. We are there to help. Do not ever accept this as a sign of weakness. It is a sign of the great character of the American people. 

You may see us as weak, fat, and easy. You are wrong. We are strong, unified, and will defeat any enemy. We are America!

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