Friday, December 18, 2015

Ideas Evolve

Ideas evolve, but they don't evolve in an informational vacuum. Candidates go public and expose themselves and their plans to scrutiny. Except for Hillary, who is apparently hiding behind a couch somewhere. 

Debates are held. The masses are surveyed on an almost daily basis. Some numbers go up. Some numbers go down. Are these numbers accurate? Do they mean anything? Most likely, no.

It would seem that this is the year of the gasbag. Shout, bloviate, and brag, screaming intended great deeds and the public loves you. At least some seem to. The fact that these great deeds go undefined, seems irrelevant. Neither the bloviating candidate nor the public supporting him, seem to realize his inability to make good on his promises.

Two candidates that I liked have sunk into oblivion. They are governors and smart men, but missteps did them in. I find it hard to get enthused about the candidacy of Senators, no matter how smart they are because they have no experience running a large multifaceted organization.

There is one candidate that has impressed me. He is a candidate that I gave short shrift to at the outset. He is a small state governor with a funny accent and attitude. But this year, it seems attitude sells. Of course I'm talking about Chris Christie. 

What has impressed me is that he has stuck to his guns. Big stage, small stage, he doesn't care as long as he can advance his story. He works at his job and he works hard. He is smart. He is experienced. He is capable. And he has a "take no prisoners" attitude. He has persuaded me that he is the best person for the job.

His greatest qualification to be President is that he loves this country and will do what is needed to protect it. He understands that our greatest threat is terror attacks, not global warming. And he is certainly not one to appease those that hate us and would kill us all.

So I can only hope that people consider what the job of President entails, and realize this is not the time for on-the-job training. Christie is a "grinder", not a dilettante. Seems to me that is just what we need.

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