Saturday, December 12, 2015

Random Thoughts - Seventy-Five

The only person that I can think of who is more entranced with the first person singular pronoun than Barack Obama, is Donald Trump. They make my ears hurt.

Some things never change. The Republican candidates have there circular firing squad well organized. If they don't get their heads out of where they presently are, we will be saying President Hillary. That will be a tragedy.

Just think, if Hillary Clinton should get to be President, she could set things up for a Chelsea run in 2024. Chelsea will be forty-four. There's a concept that should scare people straight.

I see that the "War on Christmas" is back in full swing. Especially in those bastions of free speech, American Colleges. No Christmas parties lest someone be offended. Any person who gets offended by someone else's faith and joy, does not deserve to be catered to.

Actually, is there anything more offensive than people who look down on others simply because they believe differently? Yes, I mean you secular humanists that are so smarmy and intolerant.

In our lives, we say Merry Christmas. It is our Christmas. It is our holiday. And we apologize to no one. How come no one acts terminally offended by Ramadan?

I still have to ask, with all of the danger that we face on a personal basis today, from gangs to terrorists to our own government, why do liberals insist on trying to disarm us? We have a Constitutional right to protect what is ours. Not that liberals care much about the Constitution.

I see that Rush Limbaugh just came out with a great revelation as to why President Obama uses the term ISIL. Those that read my blog knew that months ago. Just sayin'.

I see where Hillary wants to fight terror with love and kindness. That should work out well. 

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