Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Entitlement Of Liberals

The liberal cartoonist who depicted the two very young daughters of Ted Cruz as trained monkeys provoked me to write this little essay. It struck me that liberals are insufferably arrogant. They feel that their inherent superiority gives them free rein to do or say anything to move their agenda forward.

They are also overly sensitive when they get repaid in kind. It is OK to paint innocent little girl as monkeys, but if someone did that to the Obama girls the volume of screaming would shatter every wine glass in liberal country.

If liberals feel that there is a conservative threat to an office they hold, they do not debate the issues. They try to destroy the candidate politically and personally. If they can get their minions in the Justice Department to indict on any trumped up charge, so much the better.

Just compare the treatment Sarah Palin got when she ran for office with the treatment Hillary Clinton gets today. The Palins were harassed even for personal family situations including over exposure of a grandchild who should not have been even brought into the discussion.

Hillary, however, is a mean natured incorrigible liar with delusions of grandiosity and a lousy track record. But the press still treats her like a rock star. If anything goes wrong with her campaign, they drag up that old "vast right wing conspiracy" that is out to get her.

Hey it worked for Bill. Just keep that ball rolling. They also, on occasion, bring out their well worn, "it's for the children" mantra. No matter what outre' program they put fourth, it was "for the children".

Liberals take politics beyond hardball. They will drive spikes through the ball and throw it at your head. Conservatives have to adopt the liberal version of politics or be forever 

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