Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Echos From The Chasm

There is a deep chasm filled with anger in America. The American people are beyond anger and they have a right to be. We have a President that is more concerned with the feelings of Muslims than he is about protecting our country and it's citizens. We are being attacked and murdered in the name of Islam and he is incapable of saying the words.

Under the circumstances, it troubles me some that both the President and his ex Secretary of State who would be President, both rely on Muslims as their chief advisers. This just does not play well under the circumstances.

What also doesn't play well, is that both of these "servants of the people" play fast and loose with the truth. From this, we would be fools not to expect a reaction from the public. While the American people may be placid and primarily concerned with their own day to day life, they are not stupid and will, ultimately react.

Hence the phenomenon of Donald Trump. He is big and brash and loud and, if not really angry, he plays it well. He doesn't parse his phrasing. He is bold and clear and totally 
un-PC. But it plays well in Peoria as show folk used to say. He has tapped into that great chasm filled to overflowing with citizen anger and amplified it to the world.

Whenever he comes out with a new, over-the-top, idea, for every liberal that screams and moans, there are a thousand Joe Six-packs that are thinking; "Yes, yes, he gets it. That is just what I was thinking." When put upon, and Americans have been highly put upon by the Obama administration, Americans vent their spleen. When Americans are angry they rage. They shout and they cannot be appeased with hollow phrases.

In spite of all that, most Americans want their President to behave with dignity. They don't want a leader that blows up like a two dollar pistol. (Old saying, two dollar pistols now cost three hundred dollars.) While they don't want a President that leads from behind, they do want a President that is wise, thoughtful, and operates from a love of his country.

With the right President, our problems will be solved over time and the echos from the chasm will fade away. I just question if that is a task Donald Trump is up to.

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