Monday, December 21, 2015


Most folks today are familiar with icons. Those little gizmos on your computer screen that you click on to open a program or go to some web site. On occasion one clicks on an icon and ends up in unfamiliar territory where they would really rather not be.

If things keep going as they are now, our next Presidential election will not be between candidates. It will be between icons. One icon will be labeled "FEMALE". The other will be labeled "GREATNESS". Icons can be very deceiving.

The greatness icon will bring us to Donald Trump. "The Donald", an arrogant affectation, was born on third base. Got a million dollars start up money from dear old dad, and is now convinced he hit a home run. Donald is great. If you doubt that, just ask him. Everybody loves Donald. Women, Muslims, Chinese, just everyone loves large loudmouths with a sour expression that dress like an unmade bed. Hint to Donald. It may be your billions that they love.

Well Donald has an answer to everything. When asked his plans, he paints with a very broad brush. And uses gallons of whitewash. Truthfully, Donald is not stupid by any means he's just a little over the top. OK, a lot over the top.

Then there is the icon marked female. That icon brings us to Hillary Clinton. Hillary is convinced that she has the right to be the first woman President of the United States. The total of her qualifications for the job is that she is female. Period. She has been a political hanger-on all of her adult life. Because she is driven to attain power she would always play closer to the flames than was good or right. From Whitewater to cattle futures, she grubbed for money at the expense of others. As first lady she covered for her husbands out-of-control libido while spending three years inventing Hillarycare. A health plan so over reaching, it never saw the light of day. 

As Secretary of State, with the aid of her boss, She turned a tumultuous Middle East into a firestorm. All of these anti-qualifications along with her weak and shaky relationship with the truth and a tendency to set here own rules, disqualify her for the Presidency in my mind.

If it really does come down to these two icons of modern politics, I fear I will have to do what I have done a number of times in the past. I will hold my nose and vote for the least bad candidate, Donald Trump.

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