Monday, December 7, 2015

Readings From The Book Of Platitudes

Last night President Obama went on television to give a major speech. What it turned out to be was a series of readings from the "Book of Platitudes". You may wish to read this book yourself, but you cannot. You see, there is only one copy and it exists only in the mind of Barack Obama.

"We are not at war with Islam." Well, some part of Islam is, most certainly, at war with us. ISIS is growing the new caliphate and Iran's leaders scream "death to America". People are killing shouting "Allahu ackbar". Seems like a war to me.

"All religions have some among them that are radical." I have not seen attacks, as yet, by Methodists or Buddhists or Presbyterians. Come to think of it, it has been a Muslim only situation.

"We've hardened our defenses from airports to financial centers." Except that there are twenty-two Al Qaeda training camps functioning on American soil today. There are over seventy people on the no-fly list employed at major airports. The FBI has insufficient capability to monitor all of our suspected radicals. Our borders are a sieve and more are getting here every day.

"Assault weapons are too dangerous and must be banned." True assault weapons are already banned except in certain circumstances. Politicians have labeled some common semi-automatic weapons as assault weapons to demonize them. They are no more dangerous and usually less powerful than your average deer rifle.

" Guns are too easy to purchase." Not if you buy them legally. I have been through the process. I had to go to a state building and take a gun safety test. Then I had to go to an in state federally licensed dealer. After picking out a gun, I had to fill out a form in great detail. The dealer had to send the form to the local police and to the Attorney General. If they both signed off I could get the gun after a three day waiting period. So, you see, it is not that easy. The only time it is easy is if they are smuggled in or you contact some guy in a bar on the seedy side of town who deals in stolen guns. No forms to fill out there. 

"I have formed a huge coalition of the willing that will side with us in this fight against ISIS." Then, where are they? France did nothing until they were attacked. England is helping out now. You won't arm the Kurds and Turkey's AWOL.

"ISIS is not getting any stronger. Most Muslims will not have anything to do with them." To many Muslims, the great caliphates of the past were the glory days of Islam. They see that ISIS as trying to restore those glory days. With every success, with every infidel slaughtered, ISIS image gains a little more polish among the believers. With each victory more Muslims want to bask in that perceived glory.

Thus ends today's reading from the Book of Platitudes.

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