Wednesday, December 30, 2015

In Obama-World

In Obama-World Christians can't pray in school, but the children are taught to say Allahu akbar.

In Obama-World the President is not bound by the Constitution, it is merely an outdated roadblock to his agenda.

In Obama-World Christians and conservatives are harassed by the IRS and the Justice Department while criminals and terrorists are set free.

In Obama-World it is the Presidents job to go around the world and apologize for his America rather than to stand up proud of our country.

In Obama-World a man of color who has twice been elected President feels justified in excoriating the populace as being universally racist.

In Obama-World it is OK for a President to preside over a back-breaking national debt and still spend millions and millions of taxpayer dollars on his own personal vacations.  

In Obama-World the President never misses a tee time regardless of any national crisis.

In Obama-world it is just fine for him to stand in the way of school choice even though those that would most benefit are poor children in the inner city.

In Obama-World it is fitting to ignore gang violence, ignore terrorism, and to ship illegal guns into Mexico while trying to, unconstitutionally disarm honest law abiding American citizens.

In Obama-World it is proper to allow our once great country to exhibit such weakness that Vladimir Putin and Francois Hollande are considered premiere the world leaders.

In Obama-World it is a President's right to care more for his legacy than his country.

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