Monday, December 28, 2015

Random Thoughts - Seventy-Six

First I would like to thank my readers. My little blog just went over seventy-five thousand hits from one hundred and five countries. Not bad for a tiny one man operation.

How about if all of the politicians just went silent for one week. I think the public could use a break at this point. Too much. Too loud. Too long.

I see where the Iraqis took back Ramadi. I can only hope this is the start of the destruction of ISIS. The world does not need a revival of the fourteenth century.

Prayers please for the victims of tornadoes in Texas. The pictures show astounding devastation.

Barack Obama has just come in first in a "Most Admired Man" survey and Hillary Clinton won "Most Admired Woman". They could only have taken this survey at Government employees union meetings. What ever they were drinking, I don't want any.

RIP Meadowlark Lemon. A great entertainer and a great athlete.

Hillary says that Bill is going to be more active in her campaign in the future. Will she start advertising "two for the price of one", like her husband did in his campaign. It was no bargain then. It will be so much less of a bargain now.

Trump is amazing. He insults people with impunity, but demands an apology when he perceives himself as being insulted. Take the lumps baby, it's hardball.

I'm keeping it short and sweet over the rest of the holidays.


Stay safe and drive carefully over the New Year. Remember, New Year's Eve is amateur night. I need my readers. I don't want any to become statistics.

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