Wednesday, December 16, 2015

I Am Tired

Yes, I admit it. I am tired. You may ask, of what am I tired? "Oh so many things", would be my answer. I am tired of the droning sound of every day Presidential lectures from an ideologue who believes he knows everything but knows so little. I am tired of his constant use of "I" and "me" along with his frequent very expensive vacations. Would a week at Camp David once and a while kill him.

I am tired of the frequent repetition of the name Trump on the TV, on the radio, and in print. I am also tired of the sound of his voice. When Obama is not droning, Trump is shouting. Trump's repetitive use of "I" and "me" is  almost always modified by "amazing" and "fantastic" and any other superlative he can come up with. This gets very old, very fast.

I am tired of hearing that Islam is a religion of peace. For one thing, it is not just a religion. It is a theocratic system of government, based on the Quran and the Hadith, that incorporates religion, executive control, and judicial control. The most fundamental form has hated us, infidels, for thirteen centuries. The problem being that we don't know who are the fundamentalists, who would support them, and who want nothing to do with them.

I am tired of a government that is more willing to appease and protect Muslims than to protect American lives and property. Of all of the people out there willing to do us great harm, most are Muslim. We need to take that to heart. Note to Barack Obama; they want to fly their flag over the White House. That is where you live. If they got through the door, your soft words would not protect you. Nor your family. Remember what they do to women.

Finally, I am tired of talking heads on TV that pontificate based on their intimate knowledge of what they are making up as they go along. Many pretend to be reporters, but they are just gasbags expelling fumes of moral justification for their own agenda. 

How the American people can be exposed to all of this on a daily basis and not be tired is far beyond my ken. Maybe they have just stopped paying attention.

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