Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Old White Men

I see that the Republican power brokers want Mitt Romney to run. What's the matter? Did John McCain have other plans? Gentlemen you have had your chance and failed. American conservatives will no longer be satisfied with Democrat lite.

You have given us one decent President since Ike. You don't know how to wage a political war. Worst of all, your little old white men's club's members line up for their chance to run. The Republican candidate gets there through a laying on of hands. A political baptism, so to speak.

And now we live with the worst of your failures. Barack Obama is trashing our country. We gave you the House and the Senate to control his excesses. Could you do it? No! You kissed his ring and hid in your offices. I could describe the upper ranks of the Republican party using a term that I learned in junior high school, but I try not to use that level of crudeness these days. Think of yourselves as the inner circle, then use your imagination.

So, out of the woodwork, come three people who want to be President. They are uncoated with the slime of politics. They are all extremely smart. They are all as diverse as three candidates can get. They all love America and want it's greatness restored. 

The best thing is they are all self confident and willing to bring bright people with real expertise into their administration to share the load. They will not surround themselves with an army of sycophants just to have a "Greek Chorus" telling them how great they are and echoing their leaders ideas. Their egos are sufficient unto themselves.

All of these people are saying what we, out in flyover country, are saying among ourselves. Bring back the Constitution. Give business a chance and let them create jobs as they always have. Reconstitute our military. Give us back our freedom and bring peace to our streets. End the divisiveness. We have had enough.

Will this be the start of a new political party? Perhaps. I hope the new political party will be the Republican party reborn. All that needs be done is to flush the detritus of past bad decisions and become a party that truly represents conservative thought.