Monday, September 7, 2015

We Are At War

America is at war. It is the first real war that has been fought in the forty-eight contiguous states in almost one hundred and twenty years. But this war is different from all others. There are multiple target areas being targeted, in different ways, by multiple entities.

It should be obvious to anyone that there is a shooting war on the police. A war that, at least in part, is the responsibility of the President and his minions. In far to many cases involving people of color, the President has made derogatory comments about police and police procedures before the facts were known. He has put a base under the fallacy that all cops are a danger to anyone in the non-white community. 

Most people in the poorer sections of cities need the protection of the police because the levels of crime are through the roof. Gangs, drug dealers, and plain old thugs make life a living hell for those who cannot defend themselves. Policing these areas must, by nature, include violence. Loose speech by press and politicians have turned things on their head and made the police the perpetrators of violence and given tacit permission for minority communities to attack those whom would protect them.

America is under attack by jihadis who come to this country to disrupt and kill or by citizens who have been turned and have gone to jihad. There are more of them than we are told. They are already operating between twenty and thirty-five training camps on American land. The administration likes to label their successes as "workplace violence". It is not. When the attacker screams Allahu akbar, it is jihad. If it quacks like a duck, it isn't a moose. These attacks will not stop and will probably worsen.

Another native war is the war on Christianity. It is Christian values that allowed this country to become great. From the Ten Commandments to the Golden Rule. From the life of Jesus as told in the Gospels to the Beatitudes to Paul's epistles, the moral lessons gave America a code for life that allowed independence, forgiveness, and a respect for both law and other people's rights.

Now we have a school system in Tennessee that is teaching Islam. If they tried teaching Christianity, the ACLU and the Justice Department would be all over them. We have an elected clerk in Kentucky who is being jailed for her beliefs. She should not be jailed. That is insane. Suspended from her job, even home confinement, OK. Not jail. As an ordained minister I can't say that she is wrong. She either needs to render unto Caesar or resign in protest. She asked for and received a civil secular job. She should do it or resign. But I will never say she is wrong.

Christians must fight these battles as they come to us. We must take our stand on solid ground. We must find press and attorneys who will support our cause and fight with us. We must be as organized and tenacious as those that oppose us. I repeat what I have said in other blogs, "Onward Christian Soldiers". 

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