Friday, September 18, 2015

Evil Walks The Earth

I have never believed in evil as an entity.  Certainly there have been truly evil people. Hitler, Pol Pot, Stalin. History supplies us with a long list. They had an evil power that seemed to compel people to follow them and accept their mindset. 

There have been copious people in the Jeffry Dahmer mold that were horribly evil but were accepted as mentally ill. We have always faced evil of some sort. It just seems to be in the DNA of some people.

But lately we are surrounded by it. We are awash in it. A religion that tells it's adherents that it is good to rape, stone, behead, mutilate and bomb innocents to advance their faith. That their God will look upon them with favor. And if they die in the process, they will be glorified as martyrs, go directly to paradise, and have the favor of seventy-six sloe eyed virgins.

There are people in our own country publicly ranting that cops and white people in general should be treated with violence and killed. Worse, there are those that hear this message, accept it, and try to carry out cowardly sneak attacks. Our leaders ignore this behavior because they don't have the spine to take a hard stand. 

While I am no "end of times" theorist, the situation in the Middle East seems like something out of Revelations. This strife is spewing refugees all over the world many of who are jihadists of the ISIS strain. This will not be good for any of the countries, including the USA, where they land. Lately, Muslim seem to be super-confrontational and aggressive. 

The media feeds us a daily diet of violence, death, and malevolent acts. The politicians of the world seem to be paralyzed and confused. They act more interested in global warming and income inequality than stopping the death and destruction that we are awash in. Truly, evil walks the earth.

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