Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Walk Softly

Teddy Roosevelt was a real man. A manly man. He lead the "Rough Riders" up San Juan Hill. He was Police Commissioner of New York City. He was President of the USA. He was a man of considerable achievement. One of the wisest things that he said was as advice to future Presidents. He said, "walk softly and carry a big stick".

That was great advice. Would that our current President had heeded it. But he, in his own inimitable style, turned this good advice inside out and backwards. He tromps around like a combination of big foot and the Swiss yodeling team. He walks and talks loudly and carries a soda straw. He draws neither trust, admiration, friendship, nor fear from others in world leadership.

The American people, being a lot smarter than our politicians think we are, and also a lot smarter than our politicians, realize this fatal shortcoming in Mr. Obama. They see the mess that has been created in our country and the world. They lay right at Mr. Obama's feet. Exactly where it belongs. He has left the American public stressed and anxious.

So, along comes Donald Trump. In many ways he is the anti-Obama. But he is not exactly in the Teddy Roosevelt mold. Trump is loud, brash, and unapologetic. He pretends that he doesn't carry a big stick, he carries a telephone pole with which he will smite all enemies, foreign and domestic. As Teddy might say, balderdash.

While Mr. Trump may say many of the right things (along with many wrong things) he says them in the wrong way. I believe that he would be as out of control as Mr. Obama is. He would be likely to rule by Presidential fiat when Congress did not comply with his wishes. I think that he would also disdain the limits of the Constitution.

While I want a conservative President, I want one who reveres the Constitution. I want a President who is smart, thoughtful, tough, and one who doesn't shoot from the lip. With Donald Trump, the Presidency would be all about Donald Trump. We have had enough of that attitude. We need a President where it would be all about the United States of America.

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