Tuesday, September 22, 2015


The next Presidential election may be the most important vote that the American people have taken since WWII. We have a country that is awash in anger. We have a middle class that is losing ground. We have an overblown government that has no respect for American citizens or the Constitution. Right now, we are a failing country. This has to stop.

For years now, the press has been selling us a candidate. They, led by the New York Times and the Washington Post, unify on who they, with their liberal bent, think should run the country. That person is glorified. All others are embarrassed and vilified. This, also, must stop.

We need to elect someone of Presidential timber. So, what does that consist of? The first thing a new President needs to bring to the job is presence. What, at one time was referred to as gravitas when the talking heads wanted to sound intellectual. Presence is a personality that fills whatever room that person is in, leaving no question of who is in charge.

A President must have a calm demeanor. Even when facing gut churning situations, a President must show calm and thoughtfulness. It is right and good to be decisive, but not to operate from panic. He speaks softly but firmly. He does not go off half cocked before all of the data is in. And even then, he knows when it is wise to keep his opinions to himself.

A President is not expected to know everything. Contrary to current thought, in some quarters, a President needs to understand their knowledge gaps and fill them in with expert advice. Advice that he is willing to listen to even when it is far different from preconceived notions. Sycophants are of no conceivable use to a President other than as ego strokers and coffee fetchers.

The English have a term that I am fond of, "Her Majesty's loyal opposition". In short, the other party. If a President wins by three or four percent, it means that nearly half of America disagrees. A President is their President too.  A good President listens to the opposition. A great President works with the opposition. A great President put his country before himself or his political party. That is Presidential timber.  

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