Friday, September 4, 2015


Appeasement is not a policy. It is a lack. A lack of what, you may ask? It is a lack of , oh so many things. Let's start with courage. It takes courage to stand in opposition. People or organizations or governments will always try to get an advantage that they should not or, in some cases, must not be allowed. If they are adamant, things can get loud and sweaty or even violent. Those without courage smile, appease, and walk away.

Appeasement is a lack of standards. A civilized society is attainable through agreed upon standards of behavior and quality. There are those that will act out in an attempt to separate themselves from the mainstream. It might be thuggish or bizarre  behavior or threatening speech to attempt to instill fear and to generate an illusion of superiority. It could even be sending poor quality products into our system of trade assuming that those receiving those products will accept them without protest.

Appeasement shows a disdain for the future. Neville Chamberlain's appeasement of Adolph Hitler was a root cause of WWII. I fear that the Obama Kerry appeasement of Iran will lead to WWIII. It is obvious this is an attempt to "kick the can down the road" to give Obama a legacy. He must not bother to think about his legacy when Iran breaks this treaty as they have openly stated they would.

Appeasement shows a lack of ability for discriminatory thinking. A study of history combined with a study of human nature allows a discriminating mind to see the dangers and fallacies of giving in to the worst natures of others. Whether it be on a social, business, or political level, there are always those looking for an advantage. Be it that they use fear, money, or favor, to promote an advantage seldom are these advantages used for the good of society.

When people say openly that they wish to kill you, it is good to take them at their word. It is even better to shun those people and do all that you can to keep them at a disadvantage.  As the world loves a lover, the world hates a hater. When mouths spew denigration and hate, no appeasement will ever still them.

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