Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Now I Understand "Amok"

I sit here in my man cave and look out the window seeing a placid community. People are generally peaceful and respectful. There is not much front page above the fold news here. Even if I go out to run errands with my wife, we don't leave our home in fear. Sure there are some bad areas, but none so bad as to make me fear for my life.

While this area is heavily Roman Catholic, there are churches of all stripes, from a mosque to a Buddhist Temple. There are synagogues and Marist churches in the area. But all seems calm to my eye. I think I would notice if it were otherwise. 

But the rest of my country and the rest of the globe seems to be populated by a bunch of berserkers running amok. And I'm not referring to a bunch of longboats sailing up Narragansett Bay carrying Norsemen with swords and shields.

There are a bunch of people running for President that I would not invite into my home for dinner. In fact I wouldn't cross the street to meet them. I don't find screaming, ranting, and ad hominum attacks attractive. I also find those who think that they are entitled, unattractive. I don't hold much truck for dynasties either.

I also don't much like people who feel that their behavior is not subject to scrutiny nor criticism. If you don't care for their thuggish actions, ridiculous sense of style, and general ill deportment, you are a racist. In fact if you disagree in any way, you are a racist. The invective and marching are one thing. But killing cops, jacking cars, and home invasions are going amok. It is uncivilized.

The current President and his Secretary of State have made a deal with the devil. Except in this case they just sold their soul for no gain. Most Americans despise this deal. They realize the base falsity that the President is trying to sell. So he has stopped trying to sell it and brought in his senatorial henchman, Harry Reid. 

The Constitution requires treaties to pass Congress to be ratified. So they don't call it a treaty. It's just an agreement, so it wouldn't have to be ratified. So Congress decided to pass a bill of disapproval, that Obama would have to veto. That would be bad press. So up steps Harry the hit man Reid threatening to filibuster. End of story. The autocratic President will impose the treaty. Game, set, match. Say goodbye to another little piece of our Constitution.

To add to all this, the administration is releasing violent criminals back on the streets. The border is porous to drug dealers and terrorists. Jihad is being preached in our communities. While my own community seems peaceful people seem to be running amok in many others. It is really time to regain control.

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