Monday, August 31, 2015

Random Thoughts - Sixty-Eight

It appears that Hillary has a limited support base lately. I seems to consist only of Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the, oh so, liberal press. Debbie's heavy handed attempt to control the Democrat debates is as transparent as window glass. And the lap dog press sees no problems with emails, servers, classified documents, or anything else in her highness's  realm. There are powers out there that do not want a Hillary White House. I do not believe she can prevail.

On TV cop shows, cops have partners. Always. In real life, cops travel alone in almost all cases. This last horrendous assassination of a good loyal officer proves to me that cops on the street need to be partnered up. A cop needs full focus on what he is confronting. He cannot watch his own back. And it truly needs to be watched in these ugly times. If the cops can't cover as many calls, so be it. Being a cop isn't signing a suicide pact. Cities must either add more cops or prioritize. But the officers must go home safe to their families.

When did atheism start to get more respect than religion in general and Christianity in particular. Make no mistake, atheism is a religion. It is the worship of a void in society that, like a "black hole" attempts to use that void to create power. And through the obscene use of the ACLU, they have been successful. They are quick to take offense and even quicker to get a lawyer to eradicate that offense. The worst part is that we Christians sit and take it. It is time for Christian "soldiers" to rise up and demand respect for the first amendment and for our and other religions. Freedom of religion, not freedom from religion.

ISIS is still out their. They are gaining ground and we are not fighting back. Apparently the press and the administration have forgotten about them.

And then there is that, so called, deal with Iran. It is not a deal when you roll over belly up waiting to have your tummy rubbed. That is what has happened. If the Democrats in Congress line up like good little sheep to support this farce, they should be ashamed. This one time grow a pair and support the country you are sworn to support.

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