Monday, September 14, 2015

Random Thoughts - Sixty-Nine

Isn't it amazing that within days of President Obama getting his unconstitutional deal with Iran, the mullahs discover a cache of uranium that they had accidentally forgotten about. Those crazy absent minded mullahs!

Lightning struck and a crane collapsed at Mecca. Many of the devout were killed. Allah's will? Was Allah delivering a message?

A year ago, I told my cardiologist that Hillary would not be the Democrat candidate. I may have nailed it. No matter what she says or does she comes across as stiff, scripted, and phony. I don't think there is a real person in there any more. 

It is no secret that I am a Patriots fan. Football is a game that is played by twenty-two men on a big field. You win or lose there. Every professional team takes whatever small advantage they can. Most of the time a simple "don't do that anymore" is sufficient. But when The Pats are involved, jealousy ensues. Goodell gets pushed by owners and does dumb things. In this case he has effectively neutered himself.

If we can't have God in the classroom, why.suddenly, can we have Allah. Come on ACLU. Are you afraid the Muslims are going to do evil upon you. So it is not about standards. It is about fear. OK, so ACLU stands for American Cowardly Liberals Unified.  Got it.

I see fear expressed in some of this morning's headlines. Fear that the FED will raise interest rates and cause a crash in the market. I have been writing about this for two years. The FED acted foolishly and caused, what I have called, the "Bernanke Bubble". They tried to cover for poor economic policy with ultra low interest rates. They had opportunities but fear of the tiger they had by the tail forced them to let the wound fester. As always, the inevitable will happen.

I just bought another ukulele made by the Oscar Schmidt Company. About one hundred and fifty years ago when the big names in stringed instruments were being sold in music stores in the cities, Schmidt had a different plan. They sent reps out into the countryside. They put their guitars, banjos, and mandolins in country stores, furniture stores, even hardware stores and became a huge success. It is a great American business success story. Worth Googling. 

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