Monday, September 28, 2015

Stupidity Runs

Stupidity runs rampant in the land. So many places. So many ways. I hardly know where to start. Maybe with the teenage electronic genius who invented a clock. So this kid takes an old Radio Shack, Micronta, alarm clock. He takes it apart leaving only the working components. Then he sticks them kind some kind of a case and says he invented a clock. No, he built something that, with the addition of explosives could have been a bomb. It looked like a bomb. It had the basic components of a bomb. But because he is Muslim, our President, liberals, and the press start screaming. Just stupid. He brought it into a building full of kids. It is called desensitizing.

Then there is old Bubba Bill preaching that it is all a "Right Wing conspiracy". Sure. Those crafty Republicans tricked her into using an illegal server serviced by folks with no security clearance. The Republicans sold her on the idea of mishandling Secure and confidential documents. Then as sneaky as they are, they convinced her to lie, change her story, and obfuscate in any way possible. Sorry Hill, we're on to you. You do not deserve to be President based on your mishandling of Benghazi, alone.

And up in the lovely state of Washington, where the air is cold and damp, the uber liberals strike once more. One school district, in order to protect their children from extreme danger have banned playing tag at recess. My God, children playing tag actually touch one another. How inappropriate is that. And they might skin a knee, and actually bleed. And the self-esteem of slow kids might suffer. How did all those previous generations survive. Mad folks are running our institutions.

Also, we have one of my favorite targets. Those poor souls that are so ultra-sensitive that their mind just goes into a fuzzy panic if the see a religious symbol or see someone with their head bowed in prayer. Lately, it seems Islamic symbols are exempt from panic creating situations. Probably because they will take even greater offense for the offense taken at Islam. People who take offense at this level tend not to be confrontational. They have lawyers to handle that. 

So, as the old song says, "the beat goes on". Sonny has long left us and Cher has been rebuilt so many times, she is not the same person, but they passed on to us an eternal truth in that phrase. When it comes to stupidity, the beat always goes on.

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