Thursday, September 10, 2015

It's My Money

Every dollar that comes into the coffers of my town is my money. Likewise, the state that I live in and my country. It is every other citizens too. We all share in ownership. It does not belong to the politicians except in their roll as citizens. An equal share. No more.

The problem is that they do not believe that. That money is "manna from heaven" sent to them for their pet projects, social engineering, and distribution among their biggest supporters. I know that most of them have heard the phrase "fiscal responsibility". They just don't see it as affecting them and their grand lifestyle.

They see the money as theirs but they see the debt that they incur as ours. They walk away at the end of their terms. The debt remains behind. Eighteen trillion dollars of it. That is just total insanity. But they all walk away being convinced that they did a wonderful job. Their self pride and egos confirm their opinion.

So the like minded pols that they leave behind name bridges, buildings, and highways after them. Their fame or infamy remains in the heroic fashion they are convinced that they deserve.

But look around you. Read the news. The real news. Not the news as served up on MSNBC or by some uber liberal comedian. Our country is falling apart. The world is falling apart. Middle class salaries are going down. Record numbers of people are out of work. Our country is being infiltrated by jihadis. Crazy mullahs are on track for nuclear weapons and ICBMs. And we have a President who claims the biggest threat to our country is climate change and, by the way, he is doing a marvelous job as President. Really?

We have put untrained, inexperienced, ideologues in charge of our country. Anyone who does not realize this comes under the classification of "low info voter". We need more adult, responsible leadership. We cannot continue, no, we cannot survive as a republic at the rate we have been going. 

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