Sunday, September 20, 2015

We Are Being Homogenized

To homogenize milk they squeeze the cream molecules down so that they are the same density as the milk. That way, the cream mixes evenly with the milk and doesn't separate. There are those out there that think that all people and all countries should be the same. None better, none worse. 

These people are called liberals. They actually believe in a caste system where the intellectuals, them, decide how the rest should live and comport themselves. Liberals in this country and around the world don't much like us. By us, I mean regular Americans that like to shoot and fish. They own a Bible. They would rather go camping with the kids than spend a week in a five star hotel. You never find us at the opera or the ballet. At a ZZ Top concert, for sure.

The liberals don't like us because we are independent and stubborn. We love our country and respect our constitution. We don't have to call a plumber if the faucet leaks. We own power tools and know how to use them. We can shingle a roof or remodel a kitchen. We like big dogs and can grow our own food or fix our own cars. We don't need them, but they need us. 

They think of us as knuckle-draggers. However, if faced with the daunting task of assembling an IKEA bookcase, they will be on the phone to a knuckle-dragger in a New York second. And we will have to supply the tools. And they will,ever after, brag about the bookcase they built.

Great Britain was once a mighty nation. It has been squeezed down for years. England is slowly but surely turning itself into a third world nation and the citizens don't have the grit to control their politicians that are allowing this to happen. France gave up years ago. "Liberte, Eglite, Fraternite" has morphed into good enough is good enough, pass the wine.

With the great influx of refugees, Germany is in danger of losing it's national character. Muslim refugees are already demanding the end of Oktober Fest because it offends them.

The handwriting is on the wall. It is not too late. We can stop this downward spiral. We need to turn back to conservatism. Real Constitutional Conservatism. Really.

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