Friday, October 24, 2014

See No Evil

As is usual, those that are put in office to maintain and protect our nation have been outstripped by reality. So, they either lied to us to protect our tender psyches, ignored the blatant facts in front of their collective noses, or have the most incompetent intelligence gathering network since the day after the Church hearings. (If you don't get that, Google it. Interesting history)

I don't believe it is an intelligence gathering problem. However, it still may be an intelligence problem. Most Americans with any basic awareness, knows that our southern border is so porous that it practically doesn't exist. Most Americans are aware that Islamic jihadism does exist and that we, as "the Great Satan",  are primary targets. 

Most Americans know that, between our native Muslim population and those that have crossed the border illegally, we now have a substantial number of radicalized Muslims within our borders. Not quite as many Americans are aware that there are at least twenty-two jihadist training camps and possibly more, within the forty-eight contiguous states.

So, the problem isn't intelligence gathering. So are we being lied to so we wont panic, take our bibles in one hand and our guns in the other, and take to the streets on a murderous spree. Those may be the tactics of Al Qaeda and ISIS, but not Americans. We will protect our homes when the need comes. But we are too mature and thoughtful to run amok. We leave that kind of action to the the savages of the world.

We are being lied to all right. The lie starts with a President who will not lay any responsibility at the door of Islam. Even in the face of obvious jihadist killings like the Fort Hood shootings or the Oklahoma beheading he continues the fantasy of "work place violence". He has an apparent love of Islam and insists that it be a religion of peace even when it is not. His administration is presently in a "stand down" mode regarding native jihadists to the point that those training camps are being ignored by the FBI.

The freedom of religion, endowed on us by our creator and honored in the first amendment of our Constitution, does not give any religion the right to kill, beat or stone women, mutilate genitalia, behead, or bury alive. It is a freedom to worship God. If your God is different from mine or even if you have none at all, we honor and respect our differences. We do not take to the sword.

But it seems that the administration betrays their oath and ignores reality to the furtherance of their almighty agenda. So watching the TV news today and seeing the killings over two days in Canada, my first thought was "here we go again. Will the President still 'see no evil?"

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