Wednesday, October 15, 2014

I Had To Snicker

I'm sure that you heard the story. It has been all over the internet. Yesterday, Sunday, the President got himself all gussied up in his Sunday casual attire. Including his very Presidential jacket. Grabbed his Presidential golf bag. Jumped into his limo. The press was herded into whatever they use to tote the press around in. The the President got out of the limo. Went back into the White House. The press were released from their container or whatever.

Apparently the President had a sudden need to be briefed on the ebola situation by the Secretary of Health and Human Services. The President gave the Secretary a list of steps to be taken to keep the situation under control. Being world's greatest expert, our fearless President knew exactly what was required. Sure he did.

He then loitered around the office for a little while. Had the members of the press re-herded. And broke for the golf course for the two hundredth time. What a guy! About twenty minutes of work then six hours of golf with crisis after crisis staring him in the face.

When I read this story as it was written by Joseph Curl in the Washington Times, I had to snicker. "All the world's a stage." That was never more true than in Washington D.C. today. Everything that comes out of Washington today is spin. Facts are as rare as hens teeth. And they get away with it. The press doesn't even throw softballs anymore. They toss Nerf balls underhanded. Then the administration flaks tap them gently back to the press so they don't hurt their tender hands.

The ebola crisis is a real crisis and we deserve honesty from, what used to be, public servants. They do us no service by covering up the truth and not making us aware of the dangers. For the most part, we are adults and can handle it. 

The same is true about ISIS and the infiltration of jihadists into the United States. This administration seems to have a need to cover for radical Islam. And that is just wrong. Their efforts are so amateurish that anyone with the least insight can see right through them.  If the things they lie about weren't so serious, I'd have to snicker.

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