Thursday, October 9, 2014

A World Of Illusion

We live in a world of illusion. Nothing is real except what you can actually see and touch. Daily, we are assailed by words that mean nothing. The television presents a constant stream of talking heads pretending to be news makers and experts. Few of them have the actual expertise that they claim for themselves. But they sit there in expensive suits, with expensive haircuts, and even more expensive smiles, cast their chicken bones like a shaman, and predict the future.

Ebola has been around for forty years or so. For at least the last two decades, parts of Africa have been dominated by a fear of this disease. It was obvious to the casual observer that the disease was spreading. And spreading at an increasing rate. So how have our government experts, who are sworn to protect, allowed us to run out of critical medicines at this critical time. 

Why are we doing a last minute scramble to put systems in place at the last second as we start to see ebola show up here. We have been assured by these experts that if it shows up here, we can control it. Please excuse my skepticism. With up to twenty-one days incubation period, I question their sureness. 

In an administration that has been plagued by scandal and faux pas, there have been "experts" lined up for all the television news shows to select from. They would, without hesitation, tell us that that scandal was no scandal. It was just a political ploy by the opposition. The problem with that is that the opposition is so inept that they can't even get their own story straight, never mind put together an elaborate plot to embarrass the Democrats. 

So believe little of what you hear, but fear what those in power may do. It seems that the agencies of government are no longer there to help the average citizen. They despise our independence even though the independence of Americans is what has made this country great.

Today's government prefers to deal in large malleable groups that they can manipulate for their own ends. So continue to be skeptical. Never accept predictions as holy writ. And realize what those in government say and what the government actually does are two different things. Take care of yourself, for none will do it for you.

The Statue of the Independent Man atop the Rhode Island Statehouse

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