Thursday, October 2, 2014

Battle Hymn Of The Republic

There is another war going on other than the war on terror. It is a war that the government cannot fight. The battle lines are drawn across the civilian population of the world. Right now, it seems to be that the war is against Christianity and Judaism. They. We, are being attacked by an axis power of atheism on one side and extreme Islam on the other.

It is time for Christians and Jews to come together to form their own unified army against those that despise us. Being mature and peace loving people we are inclined to take a live and let live attitude in the world. We are slow to take offense. And even slower to take up arms in our own defense.

I used the word mature in describing people of our separate faiths. By that I mean our religions, for the most part, no longer have a political component. We have learned to "render unto Caesar". It was not always so. In the Biblical days of the Old Testament, the ancient kings such as David ruled with a strong hand. After the "Dark Ages" and through the Renaissance, the Roman Catholic Church ruled the Holy Roman Empire. The Anglican Church ruled in England. Our more modern churches no longer exert complete control of countries and populations. Influence, yes. But not control.

Islam is both a political system with a religious component and a religious system with a political component. They are so intertwined as to be inseparable. Combine that with a strict dogma that is unchanged since the seventh century and interpreted by many Muslims as violent in the extreme, and you have a religious conflagration. There are over one hundred verses in the Quran telling believers to harm and kill those that do not believe in Islam. The fundamental Islamists attack from one side.

The attack on the other side is from the far opposite end of the spectrum. As I have written before, Atheism has become a religion in it's own right. It is a religion that worships nihilism. And they have adopted the First Amendment as their watchword, shield and sword. Not as that amendment was intended. but as they, with the help of liberal judges, have distorted it. Suddenly, freedom of religion, means freedom from religion. The atheist lawyers are tigers, while those that should defend our religious rights are meek little lambs. In this case the meek will not inherit the earth.

So they have drawn the battle lines. We must change that line from the "Battle Hymn of the Republic" to, Onward religious soldiers, join together and fight a war that should never be.
Stand fast, force attorneys to fight instead of giving in. Protest. Pray that we get Presidents that will appoint more conservative jurists, and work to that end.  

Two Little Miracles 

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