Monday, October 6, 2014

Conservative Rap

I had an urge to try something in a different genre for a change. President Obama's favorite phrase has been bouncing around in my brain, so I thought I would turn it into a rap song.

Sing (if sing is the right word) this to a hard rap beat!

Boots On The Ground

                                                                                                            by Cranky

Boots on the ground.
Boots on the ground.
We don't need no boots on the ground.

Planes in the air.
Planes in the air. 
We'll get there with planes in the air.

Kill ISIL. 
Kill ISIL. 
Bombs are meant to kill ISIL.

Ain't no way Obama'll fight. 
Fight'n war, it just ain't right
It was Bush that brought us here. 
Now Obama quakes in fear.

Middle East is not his game.
Obama hides his eyes in shame. 
He just don't want to be here.
The American people, he just wont hear.

Boots on the ground.
Boots on the ground. 
We can't have no boots on the ground.

I don't have the skills or knowledge to produce this. So if someone would like to turn this into a YouTube video, feel free. If you do, please just credit me and send me the link.

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