Thursday, October 16, 2014


Remember the old song by the Coasters? There are some lyrics that seem so appropriate today.  Think on them for a minute or two.

Get all that garbage out of sight

Or you don't go out Friday night
Yakety yak
(Don't talk back)

The first duty for anyone in the Obama administration is to "get that garbage out of sight". Deny, deny, deny. Stall forever on "Freedom of Information Requests". When required to comply, redact, redact, redact. Erase the hard drives. Ignore Congressional subpoenas. If caught, take the fifth. Get your "partners in crime", so to speak, to scream politics, politics, politics. Whatever it takes. But "get that garbage out of sight".

"Or you don't go out Friday night." Or any other night as a member of the Obama administration unless you sacrifice your name and reputation to protect the boss. The man is brilliant and never makes a mistake. So the fault for all crises, scandals, and faux pas must lie with his underlings, who are only human and therefore prone to error. So make the sacrifice. You may be hidden in a back room for a while. But given time and luck you may be able to resurrect your reputation in the future. But, if not, hey, your just one of the little people. 

"Yakety yak." Get out there on those Sunday talk shows. Get in front of reporters microphones. (Not Fox News, please.) Then, spin, spin, spin. Obfuscate, twist, and even lie if you must. Destroy the oppositions name and reputation if you can. Bury the whole thing in words. Give it a few weeks. Another scandal or crisis will come along and this will be old news and long forgotten. 

"Don't talk back." Remember, those that talk back have visitors. Maybe the FBI, more likely the IRS. The administration has the tools of your destruction and is not afraid to use them. Just ask any "whistle blower" who in now out of work with his prospects in tatters.

I know that this is not what is expected in American government. But the people voted for "cool". The people voted for change. This is what they got.

This Whole Thing Is Making Us All A Little Blue!

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