Friday, October 10, 2014

Random Thoughts - Forty-Six

When you train a bonsai tree, the tree actually is training you. It will not be rushed and no matter what you are trying to achieve, the tree will only give you what it wants to give you. If you are very lucky, through the experience the bonsai will teach you patience.

Joe Biden is devolving. It is time for him to withdraw from the international scene.

The administration is wrong in allowing flights into the US from West Africa. They plan to set up screening points in fifteen airports. Who will man these? TSA employees? They have not the training or skill set to do a proper job. Part of the screening is based on a questionnaire. People lie. Doesn't the White House understand that people trying to get into the country will lie. Travelers may be asymptomatic when they arrive, only to get sick days later when they could be anyplace in the country. More stringent rules need to be applied.

In Rhode Island, some creep sent threatening letters  to the schools in three cities. They threatened to behead children on their playgrounds. It was probably not a real threat but the police acted responsibly with an abundance of caution. I just hope they are able to track down the responsible party. And I hope they charge him with terrorism and ship him off to Gitmo for the rest of his miserable life.

They say that Kim Jung Un is amongst the missing. This is another little creep who should rot in hell. If this a coup, I don't see how the North Korean people could be any worse off. So I, for one, hope that Kim has departed this mortal coil. It is none too soon.

Thank you, Leon Panetta. While Mr. Panetta is not one of my favorite people, I commend him for coming out with the truth about the Obama administration. I hope more do the same. I admit that I am suspicious of his reasons, but at least, this time, he stood tall. So to speak. 

Another young black shot by police in the St. Louis area. Justified or not expect more problems. Can Jesse, Al, and Eric be far behind.

I realize that I am being a little snarky today. But, hey, I'm in a snarky mood. I just started training my third bonsai and I'm still working on that patience thing.

The White House covers up the Columbian hooker incident and now the EPA is losing e-mails. The beat goes on.

I hope the Republicans win the Senate in the upcoming election for no other reason than to get rid of Harry Reid as majority leader. He has harmed the Senate and the country with his crude manipulations.

China just passed the United States as the world's largest economy. The stock market is bouncing around like the proverbial "cat on a hot tin roof". Are these "reflections of things to come"?

Why, when you are taking home a few ounces of left over food from a restaurant, is the plastic bag they give you ten times stronger that the plastic bags from a super market where you might have two big cans of tomato juice to carry?

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