Tuesday, October 7, 2014


When little children and very immature adults don't wish to hear what is being said to them, they put their hands over their ears and sing-song. "lalalalala I can't hear you!" When someone takes that attitude, there is no reaching them. Even if they hear the words, they will pretend not to.

Previous Presidents received a daily intelligence briefing by the highest ranking officers in the intelligence community. They were briefed verbally as well as receiving a briefing book. The verbal brief was important as it allowed questioning and discussion where further clarity was required. It also allowed briefers to emphasize those areas thought to be most serious and make off the record suggestions. In a very troubled world a quality daily intelligence update is priceless.

At least it used to be priceless. Not so much under our present President. President Obama has skipped sixty percent of his intelligence briefings. Apparently he prefers to get his Presidential Daily Briefing on his iPad. Probably so he can glance at it as he checks last night's basketball scores and sets up a tee time. There is no indication of the thoroughness or seriousness that the PDB is accorded.

The only conclusion that one can come to is that Mr. Obama is not terribly concerned with the security of our country, and more particularly, our military. By arbitrarily pulling all of our military from Iraq, he has let that country revert into chaos. By not knowing or not caring about the rise of ISIS, who he honors by calling them ISIL, he has allowed the growth of an international monster. He also claims the "Islamic State", as they refer to it, is not Islamic. Obama has allowed the expansion of the would-be Caliphate so that they now hold more territory than Jordan. So now our military has to go back into danger and re-fight the battles already won. But they must do it without the tools to do the job and with a amateuristic order of battle. A war micro-managed by an unskilled President. Shades of Viet Nam.

On the home front, the President has ignored the danger of ebola. He even assured us short weeks ago that there was no danger of ebola reaching America. Once again he promised what he couldn't predict. Well, now it is here. We were ill prepared for random occurrences. When we could control the entrance and transportation of an ebola patient we were fine. When one walks off a plane, apparently healthy, and shows up sick in some random city two days later, we are just not prepared.

Out of caution, France and Great Britain have banned air flights from ebola countries. Our reckless President says he will not take that step. So off to the golf course or to a campaign trip and let circumstances control themselves. Strangely enough The President cancelled the quarantine rules for ebola just four years ago. I cannot conceive of why he would.

It is Obama's narrative. The narrative that was written in his mind even before he became President. The narrative that has to be correct, because for it to be challenged would be to challenge Obama's worldview. That, of course, is unacceptable so it's "lalalalala I can't hear you!"

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