Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Rights Are Not Wrong

I just read an article that said many people are not aware of their rights. Being a Constitutional Conservative, this bothers me greatly. The Constitution is the greatest and most important political document in history, in my mind. It is the first document that acknowledged that the rights of man are God given and no government may take them away. 

Every American should bless the founders for their historical knowledge, thoughtfulness, and legal expertise. The Constitution is as close to a perfect framework for the government as the human mind can conceive. 

The Constitution is a short document. The copy that I keep on my desk is a pamphlet where the body of the Constitution only takes up twenty pages. Imagine that twenty pages of print to create the first government "by and for" the people.

A group called the anti-federalists felt there were additions needed to the original Constitution, actually listing the rights of the people. Hence, the first ten amendments, The Bill Of Rights. If you haven't read them, you should. Go to constitutionfacts.com and you can read them on-line.

Pay particular attention to the first, second, and fourth amendments. They are targets. Greedy and power hungry politicians are trying to destroy these rights to serve their own interests. They use words like "fairness" and "even playing field". But as politicians do, they lie. They want power and control and do whatever it takes. They are no longer Americans. They are merely Democrats, or Republicans, or globalists. 

They separate us into groups. Buy our votes. Make promises they do not intend to keep. They steal our money. If we complain too loudly you will have some government agency giving you a proctological examination.

We must learn to understand them and our rights. Listen to real news. Find multiple sources. Send the connivers and charlatans back home. We need term limits. We need to eliminate the professional politician. Getting and keeping our rights is not wrong. 

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